User research

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Reveal the world of your customers and learn how to get them to buy your products or services and recommend them to other people too.

Apply ethnographic methods to:

  • Understand users’ motivations, needs, and problems
  • Prioritise functionality for your users
  • Advocate users’ needs in your company with compelling personas
  • Create intuitive designs that meet both users’ and business’ needs

1. Hybrid Design Service

  • We’ll build a joint team with people from your company and mine
  • I’ll help identify users and schedule the field visits
  • Your team members are trained while working side-by-side with me
  • I’ll manage the whole team to produce results, personas and contextual inquiry models
  • The results are shared with key stakeholders
  • Task models, functionality matrices and screen designs

2. Just-Do-It Service

  • I’ll do the work and deliver the results and personas to you
  • Your team participates and limited to the time they have available
  • They get the debriefs and strong design direction

3. Coaching Service

  • Awareness talks to raise the profile of user research in your organisation
  • Side-by-side coaching to skill-up your team in user research

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