Give project teams time to reflect on your findings

in Usability testing

Project teams need time to digest and reflect upon your usability testing results.

I recently ran a workshop with a project team in which I presented usability testing results. That presentation was the first half of the workshop. In the second half we worked on specific design changes. Both sessions went very smoothly and we had really positive outcomes from our efforts.

But  one thing that struck me was the discussion that the project team needed after I’d presented the usability testing results in the first half of the workshop. They needed time and space as a team to form their own shared understanding of the results they’d just seen. They didn’t want to jump straight into hard-core design-thinking. They needed time to digest and reflect on the findings – to ponder what the key issues were and mull over tricky issues.

And they also needed time to check the health of the team, as if saying “Wow, some of that was tough, are we ok… yes, good, let’s move on then.”

So present your results, and then allow plenty of time for the project team to digest and discuss the findings together. Let them come up for air.

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