Expert evaluations – the discovery phase (Step 2)

in Usability testing

In the Discovery phase of expert evaluations you are going through the interface looking for usability problems.

The first step of the Discovery phase is to evaluate how easily users can orient to to the website – their first impressions really.

The second step of the Discovery phase is to walk through the interface, getting a feel for the flow of how easy or difficult is is to do specific tasks.

In this second step, you’re looking for major bloopers that users will stumble on – the big problems that you can lose sight of when you get into more detailed analysis. So this step should be relatively quick and free-flowing – it should be done in minutes probably.

Here’s what to do:

  • Identify the key user tasks
  • Try to do each task, one by one
  • Quickly note down major problems or points of confusion that you encounter
  • Don’t think about solutions (want to know why?)
  • Don’t get bogged down in details – just keep going.

And that’s it. Quick and free-flowing.

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