Identifying risks from scenarios

in User scenarios

Recently I developed a set of user journeys (scenarios) for the design of a new government service.

I have just been to a workshop where we did something very interesting – identifying risks to the user and to the service by walking through the user journeys. We did it very informally, simply sticking red sticky notes on the user journeys where things could go wrong…

The service is to help people progress in their careers and will have an associated web site where people can get advice, find training courses, and so on. One of the target groups are those identified as being trapped, for example, those on welfare with low-confidence, low literacy.

Risks we identified for this group with the service were:

  • Not being aware of the service
  • Not seeing the value quickly enough
  • Being scared off when asked to assess their skills
  • Not being able to make decisions without significant face-to-face intervention

To run a risk-assessment session, all you need is to have the user journeys displayed where everyone can see them, clear instructions, and set of red post-it notes. I found it really interesting and effective. Try it.

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