Put your best staff on Gold projects

in UX Management

As the manager of an internal User Experience team you need to prioritise the projects to which you assign your staff. If you give a bit of help to all projects you’ll spread your staff too thinly – and the business-critical projects will suffer.

Note pad showing who's working in which Gold projects.

Prioritise your projects into one of three levels, Gold, Silver, or Bronze.

How to identify Gold projects

  • Are mission critical to the business – they will make a big difference to your company’s on-going success
  • Work on tasks or functionality needed by lots of users
  • Fix big problems that really hit the bottom line: usability headaches that hit lots of users lots of times
  • Stakes are high – improving success rates, satisfaction, or efficiency will bring in big money or mitigate severe risks.

Examples of Gold projects: Developing personas, prioritising functionality on the home page, product search and comparison tools, removing barriers in the check-out process.

Put you best staff on Gold projects. If you’re understaffed and quality and timelines are critical, get outside top-notch contracters in.

Next we’ll look at Silver projects – the important but not critical ones that make up the majority of your projects.

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