Get customers to watch your videos

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Marketing departments are often keen to show videos of managers and directors promoting their organisation. But customers are often reluctant to watch video content. Why?

The bottom-line is that marketing messages often have little value to customers – the messages o

ften have little useful content, nothing that customers can act on here and now.

Video messages are particularly hard to get customers to play. Customers have to wait for the video to load (urgh!) and you can’t scan the video to extract its key points – you need to watch the whole thing. Compare that with text, which is on-screen and easier to scan for relevant points. (See my guidelines for compelling web copy.)

Follow these guidelines if you do choose you to use video for marketing messages :

  • Keep your marketing video short
  • Explicitly state how short the video is (e.g. 1 min 20 secs)
  • The static video-still should be engaging, inviting site visitors to play it
  • Consider using a big, cropped smiling image of the talker in the video-still
  • State the main message of the video in one short sentence

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