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IT departments and the large IT consultancies often have difficulty staying close to customers. Layers of customer representatives, project managers, and business analysts try to translate requirements between customers – the people who use systems – and developers. Marketing teams, sales teams and account managers may further prevent developers getting direct access to customers. This […]

After years of working in IT, companies still regularly tell me that they no longer know all the systems they have or what they do. Isolated and fragmented systems are often welded together in unknown ways. To keep from losing control of systems like this, designers have to respond not with individual features or requirements […]

Silver projects are important to your company, but not as mission-critical as Gold projects. Silver projects may make up the bulk of your projects and include those which: Do not affect your customers directly Do not affect primary personas Affect secondary tasks or lesser-used functions Address low-level interface issues rather than structural issues that really […]

As the manager of an internal User Experience team you need to prioritise the projects to which you assign your staff. If you give a bit of help to all projects you’ll spread your staff too thinly – and the business-critical projects will suffer. Prioritise your projects into one of three levels, Gold, Silver, or […]