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Lucky dip

I‘m happy to see the Nielsen Norman Group delivering a set of tutorials in London in April. Two years ago I attended their Mobile Usability tutorial which I was impressed with. It had lots of practical guidelines as well as video-footage from user testing sessions. Two tutorials look interesting this year: Touchscreen Application Usability Website […]

It’s funny, reflecting on what you learned on a project, what seemed to work, what felt right. Yesterday I finished a five-week user research project in the employment and recruitment area, working alongside another researcher, Ash. I thought back how we’d tried hard to establish a rapport with the client at that first meeting, listened […]

One of the oldest usability principles tells you  to “Speak the user’s language”. Are you getting increasingly annoyed at our train companies’ idiot-speak? In the past few weeks I’ve been to Scotland, Hull, and Sheffield. On each trip a poor “member of the cabin crew” parroted out some pre-scripted drivel. Please have your travel documents […]

The Handbook of Global User Research has just been written by companies within the UX Alliance, an association of user experience agencies, who provide clients with a global service. From the table of contents and a sample chapter, the book seems comprehensive in scope, covering traditional research techniques as well as eye tracking, unmoderated testing, […]

Diary studies are a useful way for understanding customers’ needs, motivations, and behaviors. While they are cheaper than observing users over a long period of time, paper diaries tend to have problems: Typically filled out once a day only (so subject to recall inaccuracy) Rich detail may be forgotten or edited out  by customers Self-referential […]