Target your 3 types of web site visitors

in Customer acquisition

There’s three types of visitors to your web site and you need to target all of them.

Don’t assume that everyone who visits your web site is desperate to buy from you. (If only!) Let’s look at the three types:

1. Those who know exactly what they’re looking for

They know they want to sign-up, or know the product number, or the flight date and time. Get them to where they want to go to quickly. Trip Advisor’s homepage form caters for this group of users.


2. Sort-of-know-what-they-want-visitors

Those who have identified a strong need but still need to be convinced – they’re comparing your offering with your competitors.

Spell out the top few benefits of your product and provide clear calls to action where they can learn more and and have their questions answered. My 5 tips to optimise your homepage will help convert this group.

3. Window shoppers

They might buy something if it’s suggested to them. For many sites, this is the majority of visitors. Unfortunately, they’re also the most difficult to sell to. You need to pull them step-by-step through the conversion process… which I’ll cover in a later article. (Sorry, it’s late!)

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