5 tips to optimise your homepage

in Customer acquisition

Most visitors leave your site after landing on the homepage. Conversion rates are notoriously poor. Why?

Your homepage needs to be persuasive, not just usable. It needs to compel visitors to dig deeper, to taste the honey.

Check your  homepage against my top 5 persuasion tips for converting visitors to customers:

Esure's well-designed homepage

  1. Spell out your unique proposition in a few simple words at the top of your page.
  2. Have a focus. Too many homepages are a cluttered mess of boxes, images and wordy guff, where nothing stands out, where everything competes for your visitor’s attention. Compare esure’s homepage with, ahem, the igindex homepage.
  3. Emphasise the highest priority tasks in the top half of the page. See how Expedia have their Create your trip form as the key call to action? And again esure show the way.
  4. Make hyperlinks stand out. People scour for hyperlinks that match their goals. Use short, relevant links that stand out from the rest of the page.
  5. Kill fancy graphical text and flashy animations. They destroy your sales – your visitors dismiss them as annoying banner ads. They’re just more guff that steals your visitor’s attention from critical headings and links.

Following my advice could really boost your conversion rates. For more detailed advice on how to convert visitors into customers, phone me now on 0790 515 2893.

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