Win customers with great copy

in Customer acquisition

Poorly presented copy is a barrier to customer conversion. Your text needs to propel visitors through your site, answer their questions, and persuade them to act.

Reading is the primary activity people do on the internet. Whether visitors are scouring for links on your homepage, or digesting details of your products, the activity is the same: reading.

Most people are impatient: they want to do their tasks as fast as possible. People scan to find text that is relevant. If it is they ‘zoom in‘ and read it more in depth. (Jacob Nielsen has written more about this in some detail.)

Facilitate this scanning and zooming behavior.

Well-written text has:

  • Space to breath – a decent sized font and nice line spacing
  • Distinguishing text at the beginning of sentences
  • Bullet points
  • Bold face text for key points
  • Content-rich hyperlinks that are easy to spot
  • Little jargon
  • Short sentences
  • An active voice
Well-written and presented text is a fresh, propelling wind that carries visitors along, rather than boring baloney that bogs them down.

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